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Jeroen Franken in Bali

Jeroen Franken Bali

Hi, my name is Jeroen Franken. I have been living in Bali for the last +20 years. Bali is like paradise on earth and I have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with this beautiful place.

It all started 20 years ago when I found a spot in North Bali (a long time ago already) and I felt at home and built a house there. Friends and acquaintances in the Netherlands became interested in what I had done, and it did not take long before I was able to help others to realize their dream home in Bali as well.

A lot has happened since I started my first home project and I have now been active in helping others to fulfill their dreams by constructing beautiful homes via our Indonesian company.

Not Only that, but now I am also expanding my businesses with a hospitality school named Indonesia Tourism School (ITS) located in Singaraja town. I see Buleleng (North Bali) has a very huge potential for the tourism sector, I would like to contribute to the process of preparing people to become professional and skillful  resources for Buleleng, Bali, & Indonesia while working together with international hotelier experts and trainers.

PT Culinary Cooking Experiences is also a business that I am working with this moment. It is a Fine Dining Restaurant as my business partners and I named it; The 10th Table. This Restaurant provides fusion in taste, fusion in cooking methods. Original Taste and presentation, served in an intimate and luxurious setting. What makes this restaurant unique is the combination between the Hospitality school that I built and the restaurant itself. A place with an opportunity for a team of young graduates and students to present their creation and service skills with a very high standard.

Seeing the growing numbers of tourists coming to the North of Bali, not only luxury villas and houses get in demand, but wine and spirit as well. I use this opportunity to grow my business of Alcovina Wine & Spirit into a larger and more modern style store in Lovina. Together with the villa management of Palm Living, Alcovina comes to home deliver our products to the villas while the guests are enjoying the bliss of Bali.

I am grateful for the opportunities Bali has given me, and the people who I work with, local and foreign. Should you ever walk around with the thought of taking the same leap as I did so many years ago I can also say "GO FOR IT"

Jeroen Franken.