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My businesses in Bali, Real Estate

Like I said my partners and I started a real estate developing company about 22 years ago in North Bali. At first it was low profile, but after a few years we really took of. We had even to dissapoint some people with long waiting times before we could start building their villa. In 2009 we thought it was a good idea to sell the company, and take it a bit more easy, it had been very busy. I went back to the Netherlands, and started a new business there. But it didn't take long before I longed to be in Bali again. Bali grabbed my soul and kept calling.

Bali Calling - Palm Living

So I went back and started from scratch again. In the meantime some problems had risen about properties our now sold company had been involved with. It took long, too long, before I, with the help of a local partner, could start solving those problems. We found the best possible solutions however, and we started a new real estate company. I met Roland Leyten and he joined us, with his vast experience in building. Several others followed and we now have an architect, lawyer and many building staff employed. Besides developing new real estate projects we also became an agent for existing properties. Recently we aquired some existing real estate websites in order to improve our visiblity on the Internet, and changed our name. We already for some time added maintanance and renovation to our services. See the Palm Living Real Estate site:

Bali Rentals - Palm Living

Many people owning a villa in Bali want to see some return on their investment and rent out their villa. It can be a lot of work however, so we started Palm Living where we provide villa rental services. We are growing to a full service real estate agency, we sell, build, maintain and rent out. Website:

Palm Living

A Luxury Restaurant in North Bali

In 2013 I started to work together with a local partner in the restaurant business. After a while it seemed good idea to start a new restaurant with a new partner, it is a Fine Dining Restaurant and we named it; The 10th Table

10th Table Bali

Alcovina in Lovina

Because of the influx of expats in the North of Bali, a wine and spirits store in Lovina seemd a good idea. We named it Alcovina, see, Alcovina Liquor Store. Alcovina has plans to expand to other areas in Bali. The store is close to the real estate office of Palm Living.

Indonesia Tourism School

My Balinese wife has a vast experience with teaching at hospitality schools, and this, combined with the growing interest for educated people in the hospitality business made us decide to start a tourism school in Singaraja. See:

Indonesia Tourism School